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Vega Pop-up wants to fill the lack of good quality and modern vegetarian and especialy vegan restaurants by opening up temporarily Pop-up restaurants troughout the Netherlands.
More and more people eat less, or quit eating animal products for a number of different reasons.
however the range of good quality and especialy modern vegetarian or vegan restaurants are scarse
Almost every restaurant has a few vegetarian options on their menu, but often you get get a boring goatcheese salad or a uninspired bowl of pasta.
Although the vegetarian cuisine doesnt have to be uninspiring!
We are trying to change this
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As a chef I have had the pleasure of being able to create, design, and revolutionize the vegan dining experience. By doing away with traditional and uninspiring salads, pastas, and wraps, I have created dishes that will tantilize your tastebuds from start to finish. And to show that desserts don't have to be full of added sugars to taste delicious, I have concoted an array of gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar, raw vegan desserts that will rival your favorite brownie or key lime pie. 

Friedjof Kempenaar

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